About AAP

About the Apartment Assistance Program (AAP)

With the support of the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA), MHP manages the Apartment Assistance Program (AAP) to help create healthy neighborhoods in targeted areas of Montgomery County. AAP helps owners of small apartment properties improve and manage their properties to ensure safe, desirable homes that are affordable and attractive to households at different income levels.

The overall purpose of the Apartment Assistance Program is to increase the quality, and availability of affordable rental housing by providing educational, technical, and informational services to small apartment owners and managers in Montgomery County.

  • Providing technical assistance to landlords in an effort to upgrade affordable housing and to promote sustainability in Montgomery County, Maryland. 
  • Help members to market their properties to fill vacant units
  • We support services for owners and managers of multifamily rental properties with 50 or fewer units in Montgomery County, Maryland.