Become an Apartment Assistance Program Member

You can become an Apartment Assistance Program (AAP) member if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a landlord and/or property manager within Montgomery County
  • You own or oversee between 2 and 50 units.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Increased quality, safety and sustainability of your rental properties
  • Professional development of owners and investors in multifamily properties
  • Access to seminars tailored to the needs of owners/managers of small rental housing
  • Access to comprehensive technical assistance concerning landlord-tenant issues, applying for DHCA loans/grants, and contractor/tradesmen resources
  • Cost-sharing opportunities to lower bills for AAP members who conduct repairs or efforts to increase efficiency and sustainability.  Contact us for details! 


Seminars are offered free for all those eligible for the Apartment Assistance Program. The seminars are lead by experts in real estate, property management, and other related industries. They discuss in-depth topics that will help landlords manage well-maintained rental properties. Past seminar topics have included housing code compliance, property management best practices, and renovations.

Identify Certified Contractors

The Building Trade Expo is an annual event and free for all those eligible for the Apartment Assistance Program. The Expo is an opportunity for owners and property managers to connect with contractors and tradesmen, such as plumbers, painters, and landscapers. The event also features organizations that offer programs/services that would be useful to property owners and managers.